Adjusting Brightness/Contrast

You can set the brightness and the contrast with the help of the sliders. You can repair photos with dark background photo if you increase the brightness and contrast values in paralel.

  • If you increase the brightness, it suggested that you increase the contrast by half of the brightness value.
  • Decreasing the contrast degrades the image quality in most of the cases. The only case when decreasing the contrast is suggested when you are editing an overexposed photo.

Brightness/Contrast adjustment iterface

Reset button

You can reset the default values by clicking on the Reset button.

Preview checkbox

If you clear the preview checkbox, you can see the original photo without brightness/contrast adjustment. If the preview function is inactive you cannot adjust the brightness/contrast values and you cannot navigate to the next page with the next button.

Back button

Click on the back button to go back to the previous page to upload a different photo.

Next button

Click on the next button, when you finished the brightness and contrast adjustment.

Note: The brightness and contrast adjustments won't be realized if you leave the page without using the next button.